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So much for our conversation and the themes and information contained therein. We believe that one can find similar trends and manifestations across other areas that we might have surveyed-say, how one ponders education or childrearing, faith or nation-wide politics, work or play, personal morality or life values at the workplace. (We consider some of these spheres at the end of the book. )#) The digital media leave few areas untouched-and their influences going forward promise to be equally dramatic and equally difficult to anticipate. Visit: http://dunia-tabletpc.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-harga-dan-spesifikasi-laptop-acer-terlengkap-2014.html

Yet we’ve become convinced that a single portrayal best captures what is special about the changes digital media have wrought to this point. We capture this insight with the epithet the “App Generation. ” An “app” or “application” is a software program, often designed to run on a mobile device, that enables the user to use more than one operations. As captured in the photograph here, apps can be narrow or broad, simple or grand, and in any case are securely controlled by the individual or organization that designed the iphone app. Apps can access tracks or theNew York Times, enable games or prayers, answer questions or raise new ones. Crucially, they are fast, on demand, just in time. You may think of them as cutting corners: they take you directly to what you’re looking for, no need to execute a web search or, if determinedly old-fashioned, a read through your own memory. Visit: http://dunia-tabletpc.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-laptop-murah-terbaik-2014-terlengkap.html

It’s our argument that young people growing up in our time are not only immersed in apps: they’ve come to consider the world as an ensemble of apps, to see their lives as a stringed of ordered apps, or perhaps, in many cases, a single, extended, cradle-to-grave iphone app. (We’ve labeled this overarching iphone app a “super-app. ”) Whatever human beings may wish for should be offered by apps; if the desired iphone app doesn’t yet exist, it ought to be developed right away by someone (maybe the finder); and if no iphone app can be imagined or developed, then the desire (or fear or conundrum) simply does not (or at least should not) matter. Visit: http://infodunialaptop.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-laptop-3-jutaan-2014-terlengkap-dan-terpecaya.html

Let’s think about a familiar task of life and how an ensemble of apps has increasingly absorbed how you accomplish it: finding your way from point A to point B. A century ago, if one wanted to make one’s way from Harvard Sq in Cambridge, Boston, to Boston’s North End, one had a few options. You could ask a friend or passerby for written or by mouth directions, rely on one’s memory of a previous journey, or look at a map of the greater Celtics area and plan one’s path by foot or some other mode of transportation. At the opposites, there were other choices: you could start on a random walk (endangering the likelihood of never getting there). Or, like the proverbial Charlie from the Kingston Trio’s famous song who got stuck on the Celtics subway system and “never returned, ” you could take the MBTA. Or you could ask a corporation (in later years, the American Automobile Association) for a TripTik-a fool-proof, block-by-block vacation plans. Visit: http://infodunialaptop.blogspot.com/2014/07/daftar-harga-notebook-acer-terbaru-2014-lengkap-dengan-spesifikasinya.html

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